Be concise: target your message and deliver it in few words. The more text there is, the more the reader is likely to exit the ad early.
  • 1.1

    Type size

    • Type size must be a minimum of 16 point (16 px height in a 72 ppi image). Otherwise, the texts become illegible on certain tablet models.
    • Do not use fractional point sizes (e.g., 16.3456 pt).
    • If you are using a non-standard typeface, you can save the text in image format in Photoshop.
    • Use @font-face CSS technology to add your desired font.
    • If you add a font, only .ttf files are accepted. Other formats (e.g.,. .woff, .eot) must be removed before delivering your materials.
    • Be careful with reverse-out type.
    • Use normal thicknesses of the chosen typeface (do not use too-light or condensed versions).
    • Specify “Smooth” anti-aliasing in Photoshop preferences.
  • 1.2

    Maximum number of words

    • A maximum of 100 words is allowed in an HTML ad. To ensure an improved reader experience, a copy should ideally be entirely visible on the screen, without having to scroll. Use of the “Touch and Reveal” interaction is one optional solution that allows the reader to access the text via a pop-up window.

      If your ad copy must exceed 100 words, HTML may not be the best format for achieving your advertising goals. For an optimum reader experience, we recommend the XTRA product, which allows you to present more material as native content. Contact your ad representative to find out more.