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The standard icon play must always be used for playback of a video file. When the icon is positioned on the video box or on an image, for improved visibility we recommend using the grey-outlined variant of the icon.
The close video icon icon normally goes in the upper right corner of the video. The only exception is the full screen video.
If the auto-activation option is used (available in full screen format only), the icons audio and mute must be placed directly at the bottom right corner of the video window so that sound can be activated by the reader


  • The minimum width of the video window is 175px.
  • Maximum 3 videos per ad.
  • If the playback trigger button is positioned inside a box graphically demarcated from the rest of the ad (e.g., representing a screen, TV, tablet), the video must start playing in that box, with the reader then given the option of entering full-screen mode.
  • If the auto-activation option is used (available in full screen format only):
    1. Sound is activated by the reader pressing on the icon audio;
    2. Ideally, the video should include subtitles;
    3. Avoiding the used of other interactions will help keep the reader’s interest in the video;
    4. The auto-activation does not work on Android system.
    5. The video self-activation option is not available when the ad is created using the Hype software.

Supported formats

  • Full-screen


    980 x 670
    500 Ko
  • Half-screen


    480 x 670
    400 Ko
  • ¼ vertical

    ¼ vertical

    230 x 670
    200 Ko
  • ¼ horizontal

    ¼ horizontal

    480 x 325
    200 Ko
  • ⅙ horizontal

    ⅙ horizontal

    480 x 210
    200 Ko


Security area used for the screen change.

To facilitate the screen change and prevent accidental opening of the new Slide Over panel in iOS 9, this area placed in full-screen format must be free from any interaction using a sliding movement of the finger on the screen. It is also recommended that any elements displayed at the bottom of the page, such as the company logo, the +WEB target and the call to action, be left static.