The basics

The basics

  • 1.1

    Minimum type size

    • Type size must be a minimum of 16 point (16 px height in a 72 ppi image). Beyond that, text becomes illegible on iPad mini and 7-inch Android tablets.

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  • 1.2

    Minimum icon size

    • Icon dimensions must not be less than 40 px, to ensure the touch target is large enough and provides optimal visibility to the reader.

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  • 1.3

    Maximum number of words

    • Our recommendation is that a copy for an HTML ad does not exceed 100 words. To ensure an improved reader experience, a copy should ideally be entirely visible on the screen, without having to scroll. Use of the “Touch and Reveal” interaction is one optional solution that allows the reader to access the text via a pop-up window.

      If your ad copy must exceed 100 words, HTML may not be the best format for achieving your advertising goals. For an optimum reader experience, we recommend the XTRA format, which allows you to present more material as native content. Contact your ad representative to find out more.
  • 1.4

    Automatic activation forbidden

    • To ensure that the user retains complete control of the reading experience, automatic activation (autoplay) of animations and audio clips is forbidden. IMPORTANT: It is now possible to use the autoplay video option.
      See the information in the video interaction section.
  • 1.5

    Interactivity-clear zone

      To facilitate the screen change and prevent accidental opening of the new Slide Over panel in iOS 9, this area placed in full-screen format must be free from any interaction using a sliding movement of the finger on the screen. It is also recommended that any elements displayed at the bottom of the page, such as the company logo, the +WEB target and the call to action, be left static.

  • 1.6

    Interactivity-clear corner

    • In all ad formats, this 40 px by 40 px zone in the upper right corner must not contain any touch target.
  • 1.7

    Return to initial state

    • When the reader opens a pop-up with the standard icon plus, an x icon must replace it so the reader can close the pop-up.
    • Generally, the reader must be able to return to the initial state of an ad via a refresh icon.
  • 1.8

    URL links

    • The touch target for opening a URL must not be sized less than 40 px x 40 px to prevent unintended triggering.
    • The link must open a page with content in French.
    • The link must not point to a site that uses Flash, as this format is not tablet-compatible.
    • The link will work only if the reader’s tablet is online. An error message is displayed if there is no Internet connection.
    • Use the standard icon +web to prompt readers to touch through.

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  • 1.9

    Offline mode

    • Some ads reference content that requires an Internet connection. If the reader’s tablet is not online, the content will not be accessible. A dialog box loads and an error message is displayed.

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  • 1.10

    “Legal” button

    • The tab must be positioned at the bottom, to the left or to the right of the ad.
    • The “Legal” button is a standard icon and cannot be changed. Use of a black-background variant is permitted, however
    • No logo (partner, sponsor) is permitted in this space.
    • Using the “Legal” button code or style for any purpose other than displaying legal text is not permitted.

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